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Balloon Boxes & Treasure chest



  • Boom Boom

    i have heard that the other sites have bigger payouts.. sad.. because i only do this one site.. i hate getting like 1 or 3 gems.. lol or 2 party passes!!!! 


  • Samantha

    Vegas World and Casino World have systems in place to increase the Treasure Box rewards. Our teams are still working on a system like that for 7 Seas Casino, but it's definitely in the works.

  • Rare Orchid

    Samantha, you said your teams were "working on a system" to increase Treasure Box rewards for 7 Seas, 4 months ago, but nothing has changed.

    I have been on CW as a VIP for 500+ days, and achieved MS66, so I know what the TB rewards are like  there, I know they're greatly influenced by players' cities though, which we don't have anything like on 7 Seas.  However, I've been on 7 Seas over 450+ days, VIP, and achieved MS90, yet I'm still getting less than 10 passes or gems even from the longest time TB's, and my charm and coin rewards from them are equally as poor. It's not right that VIP's get prizes equal to CW on the Challenge Reward Road, but not even close to equivalent TB/Daily Reward prizes, even when they are long term players who've achieved high level milestones. Without those it's way too expensive to play on 7 Seas if you want to continue moving ahead in any kind of timely fashion, so I don't play here very much, although I do like the ports, customized avatars and multiple dance moves a lot.

    I guess at one time the prizes players get for the starfishes and seahorses were supposed to make up some of the difference, but the prize levels for those have been decreased so much, it really isn't of much help or near the value as they used to be. 


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