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new pets



  • Boom Boom

    ok, they also requested a snowman, an mini elf, a pig , and a red fox.. and a pengwin .. all fun choices.. 

  • Samantha

    Thanks for your suggestions, I've passed them along to our teams.

    Also, there will be new outfits for Christmas, but they will be released to 7 Seas after the old ones have already been added.

  • Pamelita

    i want out of seven seas casino, i was just using for a trial and you billed my cc

    WHY???? i want out of this. i am on casino world , i do not need this it was just a trial basis but i do not like 7 seas, now reimburse me., i am not a member and i want my 19.99 back


  • Samantha

    I'm seeing you've submitted a Help Ticket for this issue. We'll assist you further from there.


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