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Cairo Sphinx



  • Samantha

    Our teams are aware of the issue, and this will be fixed with the next update to 7 Seas Casino.

  • JJ777

    I agree with Boom Boom.  So when is the next update because Boom Boom commented 2 days ago and the sphinx still is not working?  London is the only port where everything works.

  • Boom Boom

    updates are done on Mondays.. so that will be too late.. BUT miracle of Miracles.... i got the black wings and tail this morning.. haha now it says see you next time you are in cairo!!! 


  • Rare Orchid

    Why is there no longer a Free Prize "thing" in Paris?  As I remember, the Patisserie used to give us free gifts, but not the last time we were in Paris, nor this time.  We get Free Prizes from something in every other port and in-between stop, so why does Paris not have one anymore?  Having three "things" in a destination that require tokens to get a prize isn't right, when none of the other places we dock are like that.

  • alison2260

    Now there is a problem with the "ancient statue" in Bali.. kept giving later and later come back time.. Now says next Sunday.. When will these glitches get updated?


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