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Why Flowplay messes with the games on this site



  • Official comment

    I doubt you'll believe me Vicci but we've not changed any of the slots in years.  Once a slot machine is released and we're sure it's working correctly (no bugs) we leave it alone.

  • Boom Boom

    i know what she is talking about .. This aloha slot was my biggest game win EVER almost a year ago.. over 460 miillion. but the last 3 trips i can get anything on it.. using good charms too. i have not gotten ONE free spin in the last trips here..  the slots will stutter or suddenly speed up.. ill swear i have a mega win on any of them.. and i get nothing many times.. 

  • Vicci

    No, you're right Dougaroo...I don't believe you, I have heard this same complaint from many people about many games lately, and believe me, we play them enough to know when something is off!  Thanks


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