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this port ... iceland...yawn



  • Rare Orchid

    Totally agree about Iceland, Boom. Prizes are expensive and include too many inventory items that I really don't want, along with ho hum clothes and  unappealing port. I already own the outfits, accessories and inventory items that I like. The Northern Lights hardly ever pay off anymore and now when they do it's really chintzy prizes. Hot springs is crowded and difficult to move around in.

  • Cardi Shark

    I so agree with you both.  I've been here for 1.5 years, and they're still selling the same fug-ugly clothes in the ship shop they did when I first came on scene. Uggggh!!!  You'd think they'd want their clothes' revenue to shoot through the roof, but they obviously don't.   I wouldn't mop floors in half the stuff they sell.  FACT!!



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