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Ripoff starfish and seahorses in new VIP room



  • Official comment

    The seahorse and starfish you find in one room and not connected to the ones you find in another room.

    So sorry to hear you weren't happy with the haul you got from the VIP room, but it wasn't affected by your trip to the London port.


  • Rare Orchid

    Maybe this has something to do with it.  This happened to me a couple of times in the London port and just now at the Coral Reef.  I would go to these places, see the starfish and seahorses for a few seconds but then they would immediately disappear.  I remembered there was a thread about this last year, and I don't know whether the problem ever got resolved. It never happened to me then, but it definitely is now. 

    I saw that Samantha said then you should go to the place where you saw them and when the cursor turns into a hand you can pick them up.  I tried that, but my cursor never changed to a hand.  Also she suggested it can be due to low memory.  I am definitely not low on memory. I'm have only one tab for the 7 Seas site open in Chrome and nothing else, either in the browser or any other programs outside of it. I also regularly clean out my Chrome cache.

  • Boom Boom

    i took a picture the other day.. there were no seahorses and starfish at port... lol but when i took the picture, and went back to pay the 10 coin to keep it... starfish and seahorses were in the pic!!!! 

  • Nannym

    That is crazy! I am not getting any on the main deck today. Not one and tried the trick and still nothing.

  • Samantha

    This should improve when the update is released today.


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