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Pachinko Game



  • Boom Boom

    There is NOTHING.. to this game. its pathetic.. lol i thought it was like pinball.. and i was clicking all over for arms.. like in pinball. NOPE none. you just let the balls go, and sit there. and sit there.. and sit there.. hahaha 


    I only play it, if its a challenge. 

  • Samantha

    Fire Lotus Pachinko is based on the Pachinko machines that originate in Japan. It may look like pinball, but the game is not based on pinball. 

    Tootzie, Click on the Total Bet section to change your wager, and then click on the Balls section to select how many Pachinko balls you'd like to play.

    Once you've done that, click on Launch, and you'll watch the animation for the game to see what you've won:


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