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Suggestion: 7Seas should NEVER Award ONE GEM or ONE Party Pass!



  • Boom Boom

    i definately agree with this... especially if you wait 4 hours for the bonus box !!! and get ONE or 2 passes... or 1 or 2 gems.. 

  • Jonette

    I totally agree!

  • Rare Orchid

    A complaint was posted about this previously by landscape60 awhile ago, but nothing has changed since then.  I also posted about the stingy amounts of coins we get from our Daily Boxes as well as the stingy prizes from the Treasure Balloons.

  • landscape60

    I agree with Rare Orchid--- I did post this complaint awhile back--- seems 7 seas just ignored it--- in my opinion there should be NO prizes less then say 5 gems or 5 passes --- also on days when each box gives gems as prizes, the prizes start at 1 gem and slowly work their way up---again those prizes are often a joke!

  • Boom Boom

    it has been fixed. just recently a few of us got to give our advice on fixes for the game. One of our complaints was waiting 10 min to 8 hours, and there was NOT much of a difference in prizes. Just this week they have changed it !!!  Ive been told it goes like this: (thanx to Lucky princess for telling us all about it ) 

    light steam is charms and coins, dark steam is also charms and coins, bubbles is passes, fire is gems and lightening is double prize.  

    I haven't figured it out completely, but i just recieved 136 gems about 5 min ago.. and yesterday over 130 passes on one. 30 on another.. 

    Hope this helps!!!!



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