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Bad words



  • Samantha

    Inbox messages and Profile comments use the more aggressive chat filter, and sometimes they block what appear to be innocent messages. I don't see any problem with what you wrote, either, but if the game doesn't allow it, you'll have to say it in a different manner. Chat filters are generally a good idea for online games, but have side effects like you're experiencing.

    The more aggressive chat filter applies in 7 Seas Casino in the following cases:

    -All public chat in the public rooms.
    -All whisper chat between non-friends.
    -All inbox and comment messaging

    No chat filter is applied to:

    -Chat in Cabins
    -Whisper chat between friends.

  • Rare Orchid

     Ty for your answer, Samantha.

    The point I was trying to make is that the censoring software at minimum should be able to differentiate between an actual "bad" word standing alone, versus a contraction or combination of letters that make a "bad" word inside a non-objectionable one. Your programmers already use AI, so why not apply it to censor more intelligently and  determine if a "bad" word is being used in it's actual context, rather than nit-picking contractions or word fragments.  For instance, the word analytical is one that I find it difficult to purge from my vocabulary, but your censorship forces me to do just that.

    I can't believe that fixing this would that difficult - to introduce some common sense guidelines into the censorship programming. It's not exactly rocket science.

  • Dougaroo

    This particular situation (the blocking of the word "email") appears to have been done by an overzealous CS person at some point.  Not sure how this happened, but it's been reversed now.  Sorry about that.

    Please let us know if you see other "bad" words that don't look so bad to you and we can investigate further.

  • Rare Orchid

    Thanks, Dougaroo.  That one really had me scratching my head lol.


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