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Fishin' chips ???



  • Samantha

    This is a currency used in the new Treasure Fishing game. Here's an article with more information: 

  • victoria B

    How do you collect more Fishin chips.  Most of the fishes you need to have a lot of chips where do you get the chips

  • Boom Boom

    You can earn them at ports and at sea (like at Atlantis, where we are currently.) use your starfish or seahorses, (in this case, sea horses in Atlantis) BEFORE you use them, you can see what you might win in the prize list). i have gotten fish and chips here.   you can also go to your aquarium, and the button at top right, you can buy fish and chip packages, if you really want to level up. ( i believe each fish can level up to 10.. ) I have 69 of the 119 fish, but many RARE ones, you need a LOT to level up.. so i'll wait on them.. I personally am not in a rush to get every one, and level them up.. Gives me something to do when we are not at a port.. lol

    Hope this helps! 


  • victoria B

    Yes, it does help, Thank you again

  • Rare Orchid

    Boom Boom, I think they can go higher than Level 10.  I have a Deep Sea Anglerfish that is at Level 10 now, and I have 5 of 11 needed to get it to Level 11.  Have no idea how far they can be leveled up. I think it's kind of strange because the Deep Sea Anglerfish is classified as Rare, but it wasn't very expensive to get it to Level 10.  I didn't keep track of exactly how much it cost, but I know I haven't spent a lot on leveling up any of my fish.  I also have a Rare Atlantean Needlefish that is Level 6. 

    I also don't understand why the two fish I have that cost the most to level up are both only classified as Uncommon, the Southern Right Whale and Powder Blue Tang.  They are currently at Level 1 and they cost 37,500 Fishin Chips each to get to Level 2. Also I have a Level 1 Legendary Kraken, which costs 15,000 Fishin Chips to get to Level 2, and a Level 1 Legendary Selkie that requires 22,500 Fishin Chips to become Level 2.  Apparently a fish's classification doesn't seem to have any relationship to how much it costs to level it up, unless I'm missing something.


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