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  • Vicci

    Yes, I was wondering the same thing with the clothes...they are not only missing from the 7Seas shop but also at the Hard Rock shop. CW has a couple of the new outfits we're talking about but at outrageous prices, or at least more than they cost at the other what's the deal?

  • Samantha

    Halloween items are going to be rotated in and out of the shop. We appreciate your feedback on this.

  • Nannym

    Here is my feedback .....................  I'm not going to spend my time or my tokens trying to put an outfit together by searching the shop every day and hoping the missing piece to it is offered. I saw the mermaid headpiece but no mermaid outfit. Why would I buy it if I was not able to make a complete outfit and could possibly miss the day the outfit was offered. If we can't see all the pieces how do we even know we want the outfit!!!  

  • Vicci

    Samantha...That is the most ridiculous thing Flowplay has come up with to date reguarding clothes purchasing

  • Rare Orchid

    Totally agree, Vicci. Flowplay introduced the making of "custom avatars" on CW and that's the way it's been from the start with the selections, i.e. no choices at the same time for items that go together with an outfit.  I guess they decided well we're doing it on CW, so hey why not try that on 7 Seas too. 

    Players on CW are not very happy about it either. Not only do you not get the choice of purchasing pieces of an outfit that go together, but when we see things like hats or wings that were offered on 7 Seas in multiple colors/patterns all at once, on CW we only see one color/pattern choice at a time. If you want that item but in a different color/pattern, it may be a long time or never before you have it offered to you.  And, unless you're also on 7 Seas, you won't even know that the item comes in other colors/patterns or what they are unless you happen to see another player with a different color/pattern.  With the introduction of the new fall/Halloween outfits, that's happening here in the Main Deck shop also with the new items and outfits.We're only seeing one color/pattern at a time, so as someone mentioned above, you'll see an item that goes with the outfit you want to buy, except it's the wrong color. Also not everyone is being offered the same choices, again same as on CW. It's extremely frustrating!

    Also on CW if you don't buy an outfit you want when you see it, you have no idea when it might show up again if ever, so it seems you have to "buy it now" or lose out.  Since CW doesn't have ports, the outfits from the Main Deck shop and the various port shops on 7 Seas are all mixed together there, which makes it even crazier. At least that shouldn't happen here, as long as we keep having ports,.

  • victoria B

    Where do you find the redeem code at?



  • MrWinkyNSimone

    Victoria you find the code on 7 seas at Facebook.

  • Boom Boom

    l always have the code posted to my profile Victoria. 



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