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  • Samantha

    Your odds of winning in the games never change. It doesn't matter if you purchase Gems or not. We've not made any changes to the odds since the games have been released.

  • Boom Boom

    ok. so if i use charms, i should go up.. i just went down a few million. i was at 68 billion , down to 67 billion.. i just dont understand what people are doing to go up 100 , 200 300 billion.. i know i am not the only one.. its just frustrating.. 7 months in the same spot!!! 

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me

    That's nice to know Samantha that nothing has changed cause I felt like the win were few and far between but since you have told us it's all the same it must be the time I am able to play. Maybe I need to make changes to my schedule. 


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