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more cities



  • Official comment

    Yes absolutely. We will be adding new ones steadily over time (just as soon as we can get them built - we're only a small company!)

  • The IMMORTAL One

    How many cities or stopping places are there now & what are they called? (Dec.7,2021) Are there anymore planned on being built, or being worked on at this time.

    I have been to the Main Deck & two ports so far. I've heard about some of those I have not yet seen, I think one is called Egypt, if I remeber right. I forgot the other names other than the Main Deck & Paris. I look forward to visiting all the other places I have not been to yet & returning to those I have already seen. I'm saving up for the shops & games.

  • Samantha

    Currently we have Paris, Cairo, Tokyo, and Hawaii. You can also visit the Coral Reef when the ship is not in a City. 

    Our teams are working on more cities to visit, and we'll be seeing those with future updates to 7 Seas. 


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