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  • Samantha

    7 Seas Casino VIP doesn't come with Gems at the beginning of the month, but it does come with VIP Challenge prizes which include over 1,000 Gems, which you can earn over the course of the month. Not only Gems, but other prizes as well and more than you'd get if you just bought $20 worth of Gems.

    The biggest perk of VIP Membership are the Season Challenges. Non-VIP members get modest prizes from the Challenges, but VIP members collect an assortment of far larger members-only prizes, including Gems, Charms, Party Passes, and more. That's on top of the Vault prizes, which build up over the Season and pay out at the end of each month.

  • LyLei

    How do you become a VIP member?


  • Samantha

    Click Buy in the upper right corner of the screen, next to your Gem total, and then click the Membership tab at the top of the purchase screen. From here, you can purchase the VIP membership.


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