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Prizes in Cairo



  • Rare Orchid

    IMMORTAL, you don't seem to get what I'm asking. I said nothing about buying...only about prizes you can win. In Cairo, I believe there are some mix ups in the prize information.  On the site, I can see the Prize Lists and the Bazaar counter picture just as well as you can, but they don't answer my questions. Only FLOWPLAY has the answers, not another player, unless it's someone who's won all the prizes I'm questioning.

    In Paris, in the couture shop (the one where you could WIN prizes, not the store, whatever its name was, where you could BUY items) what was DISPLAYED on the counter and on the racks on the wall, was also shown in the PRIZE LIST - sunglasses, berets, etc., so it would seem that should also be true in Cairo.  Consistency in these types of details is very important.

    The scarab type wings on the Bazaar counter and the angel wings hanging on the wall are NOT in the prize list, so I'm asking if you can win still them from there.    Again, going by Paris, what's displayed in the picture of a shop's counter/wall should also be in the Prize List and available to win.  I think though, it's possible you can still win them even if they're not on the Prize List, since I'm pretty sure in other places - Coral Sea, Tokyo, Paris - I have sometimes won prizes that were NOT shown on the Prize List.

    Also, the scarab type wings on the counter in the Bazaar, seem to be the same ones shown in the Prize List for the Sarcophagus.  I already know you can win them from the Sarcophagus, because I got some, but are they the same, and can they be won from both places (which doesn't make sense because the prizes are different costs in the two places). I haven't tried to win anything from the Bazaar yet til I get some answers.

    So my questions to FLOWPLAY are:

    1) In the Bazaar, can you win the items displayed on the counter/wall even though they're not in the prize list?

    2) If you CAN't win them there, why are they shown in the store's picture? 

    3) Are the scarab type wings shown on the Bazaar's counter, the SAME scarab type wings that are listed in the Sarcophagus' Prize List?

    4) Can you win the same wings from both places even though they have different costs, or only from the Sarcophagus? 

  • Samantha

    The image you're referring to just shows different prizes you can get from Cairo in general. The main way to check which prizes you can get is to check the Prize list of each feature in the city.

  • Rare Orchid

    Ty, IMMORTAL One, for trying to help :-).  I was talking about when you spend your seahorses or starfish at these places to "win" a prize, but I can see how you might look at it as "buying". My point of view, mainly because of the "Prize List" terminology, is to compare it somewhat to when you go to the fair and spend money to play a game to "win" a prize. The difference being that here you always get one, and you don't have to try to beat those rigged games like they have on the midway to get it :-)

    Ty, Samantha, for your answer.  I understand what you're saying, but I still think it's confusing though, since it seems sometimes the pictures show mainly what you can win in that particular store, and sometimes they don't.

    Sorry, guys.  I've been accused of being an "overthinker" many times in the past, and that's totally true.  It's just my nature to look at the details in any situation, and question what doesn't make sense to me.


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