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Gone fishing bonus challenge



  • Samantha

    It can take some time to get the Bonus Game. You can always switch to a new Monthly Challenge by clicking the orange refresh icon in the Challenge tile.

  • Rare Orchid

    Boom Boom, if you don't get the Bonus within say 5 minutes, leave and come back later, especially if the slot isn't paying  I used to lose coins on these types of challenges, but by limiting the time I spend on each session, now I usually come out ahead and sometimes way ahead.  You might have to come back to the slot many times during the day to get the Bonus to come up, but just staying there and continuing to spin when it's not coming doesn't really seem to work, and only makes you frustrated.  So if it's not happening in a short period of time, go do something else then come back, and you may hit it within a few spins.  I got my first one on my third try after logging in for the day, but the second one didn't come til late at night, and I had tried for it multiple times throughout the day. 

    Also, sometimes, but not always, required Bonuses or Free Spins for  challenges seem to hit most often on the lower bets.  Usually I get them at the 40K and 100K levels, but this one hit for me at 100K and 250K, so you never know.

  • Boom Boom

    thanks, it took 600 spins 2x to get it.. i finally ran it at 1,000! 


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