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Free Prize Things in Ports need to be fixed ASAP



  • Rare Orchid

    Finally this morning, when we're scheduled to leave the Florida port in 2 3/4 days, the Orange Tree was available.  I received the orange Rocket Pack as my prize, and when I clicked on the tree again, it said come back in 3 hours or maybe it was 4. I was half asleep so can't remember which.  So I'm thinking "cool, I guess it's going to be like the Tea Shoppe sign in London, although just starting pretty late in our visit." 

    I went back after the wait time was up, and received a cut Orange charm (can't remember the exact name) prize.  Then I clicked on the Orange Tree again to find out how long the next wait time was, expecting it to say again, "come back in 3 (4) hours".  Instead it said, "Check back the next time the ship visits the Florida port." 

    What a huge disappointment!  First, we had to wait, 6 days after we got here, to access the Orange Tree, and then after dispensing two prizes, even though we have slightly more than 2 1/2 days left here, the Orange Tree is shut down for business until the next time we visit here again.

    Sorry Flowplay and 7 Seas, but that just isn't right.  If that's the way these things are going to be from now on, you almost might as well take them away completely, or maybe that's the plan, like you did in Paris.  I don't know what made you think doing this was acceptable or what your future plans are for this part of the site, but I'm not a very happy camper right now about this turn of events.

  • Samantha

    Thanks for your feedback. I just checked the orange tree, and I was able to get a prize, but I'll check on it again in a few hours.

    Our teams are working on a way to increase your prizes, similar to Casino World, so it's definitely in the works.

  • Rare Orchid

    Thank you, Samantha.  That would be awesome!  Looking forward to seeing what the team comes up with.  I'll check the Orange Tree again in a little while, and see if it's changed the message, or gives me another prize.


  • Boom Boom

    yes,i got orange helmet (after a 6 day wait) but then 1 charm.. and 100k coin i think... 



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